The Plan

Are you hoping to reach your weight and health goals but you just can’t bring yourself to follow another diet plan that leaves you hungry or requires you to choke down kale?

Have you ever dreaded exercising because it’s too boring… too hard… or doesn’t take your issues (hello knees!) into account?

Do you listen to yourself criticize every thing you do? Constantly beating yourself up in you head, comparing your results to others, feeling uncomfortable in your skin, and like reaching your goals is absolutely hopeless?

Aren’t you sick and tired of hating yourself healthy? Starving your body to lose weight? Exercising to earn every treat you eat? Criticizing the woman you see in the mirror?

Then it’s time for you to Love Yourself Healthy!

Join the non-diet program for those ready to stop all the counting, tracking, and mental gymnastics around losing weight or improving their health.

This is a plan that is truly flexible and realistic enough to work in your crazy-busy life. A plan that requires no tracking… no eating food you don’t like (and includes treats!)… and no hours of uncomfortable exercise every single day.

Tracy W says:
“I have a very busy lifestyle that requires a lot of plan B’s and a lot of flexibility.
Alexia opened my eyes to the fact that there are tools that you can have that when life gets crazy you can still make good choices. She also taught me not to get down on myself when you do kind of fall off the wagon for a day or two. That it’s okay, it’s normal, and you just pick right back up and a lot of times you don’t lose any groundwork at all.
It was great to not have the standard nutrition jargon all the time. I liked trying a different approach and modifying or adjusting what I do instead of completely changing and being so strict.”


You go to your closet in the morning, easily pick out an outfit, and walk out feeling confident, comfortable, and super cute (or crazy-sexy!) in your clothes. What a relief to stop wasting your mornings trying on 5+ outfits to find the best one!

You sit down at lunchtime to a big plate of delicious food – no guilt or shame. You finish feeling satisfied and knowing that you chose the right foods. Oh, how easy it would be to reach your weight goal if you never had to starve yourself again and got to enjoy treats throughout the day!

Join your girlfriends out in the evening to enjoy friendship, wine, and take silly pictures. You have finally shut down that inner voice that compares your body to theirs and worries about striking the best pose so you look good enough. Who thought you could ever get outside of your head!

What if you could walk by your mirror when you get home, drop your keys, and genuinely smile at the strong, confident, sexy, and amazing woman you see looking back at you?

Sound impossible? It’s not!

In four months, I can change your mindset and give you a lifetime plan to reach your weight and health goals.

This plan gives you a step-by-step plan to manage your weight and it works for everyone – if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight.

Focusing on your weight will not get you where you want to go. When you shift your focus to what is going on inside your head first and your health second, the weight will follow.

No more hating yourself with restrictive meal plans, having to avoid foods you love to eat, and exercise torture sessions.

This plan changes everything!

How It Works

Your coach will guide you one step at a time through a positive approach to health and weight by focusing on nourishing and positive choices for your body and mind to improve nutrition and activity and to build self-esteem.

The plan leads you through specific steps to set you up for success before you begin, outline the right plan for your unique life and concerns, and make that plan stick for the long-term.

Look – making changes to your lifestyle and daily habits is not easy work. The last thing you want to do is have to make lifestyle changes again and again and again. This plan is designed to make this time stick for the long-term.

The Love Yourself Healthy Plan follows 5 steps. You will always start with Step 1 and end with Step 5. During the plan, you will bounce around between Steps 2, 3, and 4 but these steps are outlined so you can see our process.

  1. Start Small Steps Training. Start by keeping daily promises for activity, hydration, and nutrition. These are small goals that you know you can do no matter what happens during the day.
  2. Shut Down your Inner Critic. Get specific steps you can take to challenge your inner mean girl. Start to be more kind to yourself from understanding the normal cycles of making permanent lifestyle changes.
  3. Implement the Plan. Dig into details for nutrition and exercise and make your plan.
  4. Address the Long Term. Cover what typically derails people and keeps them from making lasting lifestyle changes
  5. Set New Goals. Look at other lifestyle habits that impact your happiness and decide on next steps

Renee C says:
“I am 47 years old and I have found over the last several years I have steadily been gaining weight no matter what I’ve tried – exercise, watching what I’m eating – nothing seemed to work for me.
Alexia was very good; her approach was teaching you to get your mind right and if you lapse to recognize that and not have a relapse. And just to find little changes you can make in your everyday meals and to be consistent.
I’ve consciously have thought back to the coursework and the material that I’ve learned and it’s made a difference in my everyday habits.”

What you Get

  • Weekly Focus Sessions. 16 sessions with your coach that begin with expressing gratitude and checking in on progress, there is a Weekly Focus Topic to give you tools, strategies, and guidance for the upcoming week, and there is time for you to ask questions. The Focus Sessions are 50-60 minutes and are held via Zoom Meeting. Value $1600 
  • Daily Coach Access. Talk to your coach every day using the Voxer app. Use this time for sharing your challenges and wins, getting answers to your questions, or as an accountability check-in. Your coach guarantees to get back to you within 24 hours and typically replies within 1-3 hours. Value $1120
  • Focus Notebook. Notes from Weekly Focus Sessions already done for you so you can be fully present during the weekly sessions. You also get weekly worksheets for goal-setting and reflections. Provided as PDF files. Value $240
  • Private Facebook Community. An online space with others who are currently going through the Love Yourself Healthy Plan or who have completed it already. Yes – you get to stay in this group after the Plan ends! This is a safe place to share and ask for help. Your coach is active within the group at least once a week while Plans are in progress and at least once a month if not Plans are actively running. She usually shows up more often as she loves interacting with her clients! Value $400 

What It Costs

DIY – Online
Available any time
PDF FilesYesNo$240
Live – Online
Required 5 clients
Maximum 20 clients
PDF FilesYesNo$400
Live – In Person
Required 5 clients
Maximum 15 clients
PDF FilesYesNo$560
Limit 2 clients
at a time
Live OR
PDF FilesYesYes$1600
Cost of

Tevy D says:
What I learned… was how to change my, not eating, but living for a better life. There’s no such thing as an easy fix with weight loss. The pills, the diet, they all come back but this is something that you learn that you carry for the rest of your life to not only lose weight but live a better and happier life.

Client Results

Does it work? Yes – if you work it! (It’s true – just signing up does not get you results… )

This used to be a 3-month program and 95% of our clients lost weight. In total, those who completed this plan lost an average of 8.1 pounds (or 4.1%) of their body weight during the plan. Our biggest loser lost 23.3 pounds.

Is it fast? No.

But you only have to lose this weight one last time because when we followed up in about a year, they had kept losing weight!

Did you know many dieters (95%!) regain the weight they lose when the plan/diet stops? Yep. And many end up heavier than they started.

One year later, 94% of our clients were still losing weight. They had lost on average an additional 3.3 pounds. Our biggest loser lost 30.1 pounds in all.

This does not show you how confidence changed, how nutrition improved, how exercise became a habit, and how this plan continues to change our clients lives long after the plan has ended. Watch the testimonial videos or check out our reviews to see how much this plan impacted our client’s lives.

Are you ready to take control of (and worry less!) about the right foods, the best exercises, and what is working for everyone else?

Are you ready to be less confused and overwhelmed with all the different recommendations made about weight loss and health?

Are you ready to ditch the diets that leave you hungry and start training your body to burn the delicious (and sometimes decadent!) foods you eat?

Are you ready to feel good about yourself?

To start following through with your promises you keep making to yourself?

To start living your best life and filling your heart with confidence, strength, and reaching your health and weight goals?

You can make a decision – right now – to change your life, your health, and your weight.

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