What Is “Love Yourself Healthy?”

Love Yourself Healthy is a mind-set focused on health improvement and building healthy habits in a balanced, non-restrictive way.

Coach Alexia created this approach when she saw the need for an alternative to how we have been going about getting healthy for decades. The way we have been taught to diet and manage our health is wrong. We have been convinced that we need to “hate ourselves healthy.”

With food, this means that we have been eating foods we don’t like, following restrictive meal plans that don’t work for us and that leave us hungry and malnourished, denying ourselves food that we love and then obsessing about them until we give in and go overboard and feel guilt and shame.

With exercise this means that we have been doing exercise we don’t enjoy for much longer than we care to do it while telling ourselves to just “suck it up, buttercup” because this is what it takes to reach our goals.

We hate our bodies and we hate ourselves. And so we pay penance by way of food and exercise so that maybe – if we deny, deprive, and suffer through the work – maybe one day we can love who are and how we look and feel.

This has got to stop.

Love Yourself Healthy focuses on challenging that internal dialogue you have with yourself, so you can start to see your unique and amazing value and begin to let go of having do to everything perfectly.

At the same time, you start with a small-steps approach to food and exercise as a way to rebuild your confidence and show yourself that you can keep meaningful promises to yourself. This approach moves you towards better health and, yes, your desired weight in a loving and nurturing way.

What is really amazing is that when you start to feed your body and couple that with movement you can actually turn up your metabolism, have more energy, and lose weight while eating more food!


Coach Alexia is passionate in her belief that women have got to change the negative way that we talk to ourselves and think about ourselves. We have to change what we see when we look in the mirror and begin to recognize our bodies our minds and ourselves as the strong, capable, amazing beings that we are.

We embrace body confidence and believe that you are 100% deserving of loving yourself as you are right now.

When we start first with love and gratitude for ourselves then the actual steps that we take with food, exercise, sleep, and self-care become so much easier.

We stop defining our success using external yardsticks – like a number on the scale or a size of clothing – and we instead define our success based on our personal integrity, in our creativity and flexibility to handle the curve-balls life keeps throwing at us, and our ability to set and reach realistic goals as we travel our unique path to better health and wellness.

We start to see and appreciate the small wins that we have every day. This is what leads us towards being able to love ourselves into a healthier lifestyle.

Love Yourself Healthy is N.E.W. Motivation Coaching’s signature plan. It is the foundation upon which we build all of our programs, online plans, and one-on-one coaching.

We are sick and tired women beating themselves up to reach unrealistic ideals and so we have designed our programs to lead women towards love and self-empowerment and on shutting down the inner critic.

We focus on celebrating women for who they are and what they can do regardless of the size or shape of their bodies.

You will find amazing things happen when begin to Love Yourself Healthy.


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