About Us

I help women who struggle with their weight and health shut down their inner critic and achieve their health goals, so they can love woman they see in the mirror.

The first time I ever truly loved my body was after surviving a heart attack at age 37. Yes, I spent 37 years hating my body and beating myself up for how I looked. It took my body carrying me through a brush with my mortality to make me wake up to how amazing my body is – it is not the “ideal” body, sure – but it is amazing, strong, beautiful, and all mine. 

Coach Alexia in her Happy Place (Rome!) in 2018

After my heart attack, I tried to go back to my normal life working an office job negotiating contracts and securing grant funding. I didn’t last long. I was not fulfilled the way I now needed to be fulfilled.

I could have died and here I am in a job that no longer brings me joy or serves others. When restructuring happened, I was thrilled to get bought out of my contract and get to change my future!

And then I realized how much work that was going to be… hello 38 year old undergraduate life! Gramma was right when she told me, “Time will pass either way, you can be 42 with a degree or 42 without a degree. Which one do you want?”

Fast forward 5 years and now I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist licensed through the Florida Department of Health and an American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. I started my second career at age 43. If you want to know more about me, check out AlexiaLewisRD.com.

I am still – and will always be – a work in progress just like you.

Maintaining my healthiest weight does not come easy for me and I work on it every day. As my life and health changes (hello 50s!), my goals change. So I get it. I’m right there with my clients doing the hard work. I wasn’t blessed with “skinny” or “athletic” genes and I no longer have the benefit of youth on my side. Knowing how hard it can be and having to find my own solutions makes me a better coach for my clients. 

And here I am now, ready to help your start to battle – and win – against that negative, bullying voice in your head and give you no BS, real-life solutions that work in your unique life so you can reach their health and weight goals too.

What I Believe

Life is too short to spend your time being mean to yourself and feeling like a failure because you can’t squeeze yourself into someone else’s meal or exercise plan.

Life is too short to compare yourself to others who have completely different lifestyles, assistance, abilities, and genetics.

Life is too short to eat icky food.

Life is too short to waste your time suffering through exercise you don’t enjoy.

Life is too short to avoid social occasions because of the food or how you feel about how you look. 

There are seasons in life and we should strive to make the most of the good and the bad times. We should be true to ourselves and kind to ourselves regardless of what is happening outside in the world around us.

We should learn to eat well, sleep well, move well, treat ourselves well, and live in deeper connection with others. 

I’m Coach Alexia and I believe life is better with science, humor, and delicious food. 

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