LYH Challenge Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the 5 Days to Start Loving Yourself Healthy! You made it!

# 1. Your daily challenge is to figure out your next steps.

You have taken some amazing first steps to improving your health over these last 4 days. I hope that you are feeling empowered and realizing that little steps can make a big difference. Your Daily Challenge Task is to figure out what comes next. How do you build on this beginning to creating a new, healthier lifestyle?

No one has that answer but you. Find some time today to figure out where to go from here. The worksheet and video will help you work this out.

Don’t forget to also drink your water today AND say 3 positive things to yourself while you brush your teeth AND double your veggies at dinner time AND hit your new activity goal.

# 2. Your daily video and worksheet is all about finding your path to continue improving your health.

Health is not made in one 5-Day Challenge and health is not wrecked in a week. Health is the sum total of the small decisions you make every day over time. What you do the majority of the time… what you do consistently… this is what makes up the picture of your health.

Today’s worksheet is not one of mine. The American Council on Exercise has a brilliant worksheet for you to do today.  Do the worksheet first, then watch the video to get the most out of today’s challenge.

>>>>> Grab your Worksheet here <<<<<

Today’s video will help you figure out your next steps. That may be working with me or it may not be – my goal is that you find what works best for you. No-holds-barred focus on YOU right now and how to get what you need in your life to move forward!

I will give you some ideas to keep your momentum going on this new healthy track and some options if you would like my flexible and realistic approach to making lifestyle changes and want to continue working with me – no meal plans to follow, no products to buy, just simple evidence-based changes one baby step at a time.

I also want to share some previous client reviews of the program in this video – enjoy!

# 3. Get thee to Facebook and Post!

Find our daily post check-in and let us know what your next steps may be. If you aren’t sure, let us know your health goals and let’s help each other figure out some different options!

# 4 Set your alarm to jump into the FB group at 7:00 p.m. EST when your coach will “go live” for 10 minutes (minimum – longer if you have questions!) to talk about the challenge and answer any questions you have!

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