LYH Challenge Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Love Yourself Healthy Challenge!

Here is the Challenge information for today:

#1. Your daily challenge is to increase your activity.

If you are currently not active every day, then start with something easy and short – maybe try a 5-10 minute walk after a meal. If you are active, then up your game by adding 5-10 minutes on to what you already do!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Many people may have health reasons, take medications, or have family histories that make seeing a medical professional to get an “okay to exercise” a very necessary and important step. Do not start or increase activity without a doctor’s clearance if one would be necessary and prudent. More information can be found in today’s video to help you determine if you should talk to a medical professional before starting to exercise.

Don’t forget to also drink your water today AND say 3 positive things to yourself while you brush your teeth AND double your veggies at dinner time!

Look at all the rock-star health decisions you are making today!

# 2. Your daily video and worksheet is all about exercising safely.

As you learned yesterday, nutrition is more important for weight change… BUT exercise is where it’s at for overall health and wellness.

You have two worksheets. One will help you decide if you need medical clearance. The other is a Physical Activity Tracker.

Today’s video will start with review the first worksheet, go over the recommendations for activity, and give you some options for activity if you are a beginner or ideas for increasing activity if you are a seasoned exerciser.

Grab your worksheets here      >>>>> LYH Challenge Day 4 Worksheet 1 <<<<>>>> LYH Challenge Day 4 Worksheet 2 <<<<<

# 3. Get thee to Facebook and Post!

Find our daily post check-in and let us know an exercise you love to do today. If you can’t think of one, let us know what you loved to do for “play” when you were a child.


Remember 3 prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge and you get one chance for each post and comment you make on the Daily Challenge Check In posts!

# 4 Set your alarm to jump into the FB group at 7:00 p.m. EST when your coach will “go live” for 10 minutes (minimum – longer if you have questions!) to talk about the challenge and answer any questions you have!

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