LYH Challenge Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Love Yourself Healthy Challenge!

Here is the Challenge information for today:

#1. Your daily challenge is to DOUBLE your non-starchy vegetables at dinner time.

Make some room on your dinner plate for a double-serving of non-starchy vegetables by not putting as much meat, starches, or other foods on your plate.

As always, I am not giving you personalized recommendations during this challenge. This goal is based on the recommendations for generally healthy adults. If you have health or medical reasons to not eat this much, you need to adjust the goal accordingly!

For now, don’t focus on organic versus conventional… or fresh versus canned versus frozen… just do your best to double up at dinner time in whatever way works for you and your family.

Don’t forget to also drink your water today AND say 3 positive things to yourself while you brush your teeth

# 2. Your daily video and worksheet is all about the veggies.

Eating the recommended amount of vegetables is a challenge for many adults In fact, the latest data from the CDC shows that only about 15% of Americans aged 1 year and older are eating at or above the daily recommendation for vegetables! Yes – that means that 85% of us are not eating our veggies!

Your worksheet is a 1-day food recall that will show you how you stack up against the recommendations for vegetables.

Today’s video will explain why nutrition is the most important factor for weight management and has a huge impact on your health, will give you the specific recommendations for vegetables for YOU, and explain the different categories of vegetables so you know which ones are non-starchy and understand why variety is so important for improving your nutrition quality!

Note: I misspoke at one point in the video! 1-cup of non-starchy vegetables has 50 calories. The second time I referred to this I said 500 calories. Please don’t let my mis-speaking confuse you! There is no way to edit this without reshooting the whole video!

Grab your worksheet here      >>>>> LYH Challenge Day 3 Worksheet <<<<<

# 3. Get thee to Facebook and Post!

Find our daily post check-in and let us know your favorite vegetable and the vegetable you wouldn’t eat if someone gave you $100 to eat it!


Remember 3 prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge and you get one chance for each post and comment you make on the Daily Challenge Check In posts!

# 4 Set your alarm to jump into the FB group at 7:00 p.m. EST when your coach will “go live” for 10 minutes (minimum – longer if you have questions!) to talk about the challenge and answer any questions you have!

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