LYH Challenge Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Love Yourself Healthy Challenge!

Here is the Challenge information for today:

#1. Your daily challenge is  to say 3 positive things about yourself when you brush your teeth.

If you’ve already brushed your teeth, then STOP and do this right now OR set your phone alarm for some time later today when you know you will have five minutes to yourself and do it then. On future days of the challenge, do this when you brush your teeth.

Also drink your water today! What’s that? You have to do the Day 1 Daily Challenge Task again? YES! We keep all the previous day’s challenge tasks so  if you didn’t hit your water goal yesterday, you get another chance today! If you did hit it, let’s get it done again!

# 2. Your daily video and worksheet is focused on how you talk to yourself.

Today’s video is about self-sabotage and self-talk. Would you believe the mental game is single biggest predictor of success?

Sure it is! It doesn’t matter how beautifully perfect your plan is if you aren’t in the right head-space to get it done. How you talk to yourself can make or break your efforts every single day.

Today’s worksheet is designed to increase your awareness of how you talk to yourself. To get the most out of today, print out the worksheet right now and carry it with you today!

Today’s video will give you some tools to start learning how to challenge some typical thoughts people have about food, their weight, and making lifestyle changes. Do not miss this video!

Grab your worksheet here      >>>>> LYH Challenge Day 2 Worksheet<<<<<

# 3. Get thee to Facebook and Post!

Find our Daily Challenge Check In post and let us know at least one of the three positive things you found to say about yourself when you brushed your teeth (or whenever!) today. LYH-Day-2

Remember 3 prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge and you get one chance for each post and comment you make on the Daily Challenge Check In posts!

# 4 Set your alarm to jump into the FB group at 7:00 p.m. EST when your coach will “go live” for 10 minutes (minimum – longer if you have questions!) to talk about the challenge and answer any questions you have!


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